I joined the DigiCAP programme to learn skills that I could apply in a business I wanted to start. I have been exposed to a lot of new concepts, processes and tools such as PowerBI, data analysis, and Microsoft Office. This has also given me a deeper sense of appreciation for a lot of the big platforms and tools that I use like Youtube for my personal cooking channel, CookingWithAba. I look forward to mentoring and consulting for small businesses in and around Ghana. Being part of this programme has been a great blessing for me.


As a Lecturer in field of Computer Science and Information Technology, there is always the need to learn new technological skills and tools. Thus, I seized the opportunity to join the digiCAP project to learn the Microsoft Power Platform that encompasses of Power BI, Apps, Portal, Virtual Agent and Automate. These skills and tools will enable me to conduct research in the Big Data area while making use of the Power BI for the analytics aspect. Additionally, the expertise would be used to automate the University’s manual processes.

Dr. Charles Roland Haruna Business Intelligence Track, Lecturer-UCC

The digiCAP.gh Junior Consultants program has allowed me to apply my skills gained from the data science training to solve a critical problem facing the University of Cape Coast in terms of students’ statistics reports and analyses. As a business management student, I have gained a practical understanding of project management, teamwork, leadership, and client relations management. These soft and technical skills will aid me to be effective and efficient in managing an international business in the future.

Josephine Annan Junior Consultant, Student-UCC

When I started DigiCAP program, I wasn't well equipped with a statistical background. Just in a couple of months, I gained clear industry-level data analytics knowledge which gave me the confidence to venture into work related to this field. I have been exposed to so many new concepts in the use of Microsoft excel which I had no knowledge about before. I have really enjoyed this course and the level of commitment it taught me, the feedback and guidance you get from the instructors, the confidence you gain from the program besides all the networking with other members. This has been a great experience so far and I am so much exited of been part this program.


Being a LinkedIn scout has been pretty insightful. I learnt how to facilitate both online and in-person trainings, how to prepare and even run training sessions. My communication skills has been pretty much boosted as well as several other soft skills. Thanks so much to the Digicap team for such an opportunity and impact.

Enyonam Abla Kumador Linked-In Scout

At the start of the KNIME and Data base module I realized that the notes were easier to understand and follow. The facilitators too were very clear in their presentation and the examples used were practical in terms of what they taught. This is a fulfilling journey, and the sky is only the limit. Thank you.

Theophilus Kofi Anyanful Lecturer- ATU

As a product of the DigiCAP Business Intelligence program, I saw the Junior Consultant program as an opportunity to expand my knowledge, practice my technical skills and gain more work experience to add to my resume. The Junior Consultant program has taught me how to manage projects, collaborate with people, manage time effectively to achieve results, and how to solve problems. The Junior Consultant program is a program I would join no matter the circumstance.

Grace Agyekum Junior Consultant, Student-UCC

I have been introduced to basic Excel and Statistics for module 1. Though competitive, the digiCAP programme has taught me to be time conscious and disciplined, hardworking and a team player. And I am in much anticipation for the next two modules which will broaden my proficiency in ICT. I am thankful to the management here in Ghana and abroad and to the TeachOps for operating this wonderful Tech program

Abigail Nyarko student-ATU

As a student who is studying to be able to fit into society and the job market, I am eager to learn more technological skills. So, I seized the opportunity to join the digiCAP I.C.T training program to learn Microsoft Power Platform. The Microsoft Power Platform consists of Power Apps (Canvas app, Model-driven apps, and portal apps), Power BI, and Power Automate. These tools have been tremendously beneficial to me because they provide a rapid development environment to build custom apps for my business needs. It also accelerates application development and enables rapid process automation and iterative development without sacrificing user experience, security, or customization. The knowledge I acquired from my training placed me in a position to execute the project with perfection, a feat I will always be proud of.

Franklina Yankey Business Intelligence Track, Student-UCC

Taking the role as a Junior Consultant has allowed me to gain a very practical experience of the skills that I have acquired from my digiCAP training and even my academic lectures. Having this exposure to how real-world problems can be solved and how projects are undertaken gives me a morale boost and confidence that I can solve or make contributions to solving real business problems using simple yet effective tools such as the Microsoft Power Platform.

Joseph Dugu Nartey Junior Consultant, Student-UCC

Studying machine learning was enjoyable. Being self-explanatory and useful, the offered notes made it easy to comprehend the concepts and what they meant. I discovered how technologically advanced the last few decades have been as a result of machine learning. I must admit that the digiCAP training program made the learning journey enjoyable. Being a part of such a program is an honor and a compliment.

Bernard Kusi Student-ATU

As student of the University of Cape Coast, partaking in the Digicap LinkedIn scout training program has been an experience of true enlightenment and excitement. Prior to my involvement in the program, I was very naive about the prospects and potentials of the LinkedIn platform. Although I had an account then, I barely knew how to navigate my way through and capitalize on the millions of opportunities the platform had to offer. Through the training however, I was enlightened to harness the potential of the platform and also organize training on my own to teach 100+ colleagues to do same. For me, it's been an incredible journey; one filled with growth, personal and professional development and most importantly the opportunity to impact the career growth of other students as well.

Kent Baidoo Linked-In Scout

As a student of the University of Cape Coast reading Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), I found it prudent to have some additional skills aside from what I had in the classroom to gain a competitive advantage when the need arises to find a place in the world of work. I love accounting, but then joining the digiCAP program and learning under the Data Science track sparked my interest in the use of technical skills and tools to help society. This has made me love and appreciate my program of study which is accounting the more because I have gained skills that make studies interesting and appreciable through the use of these skills...

Halimatu Saadia Data Science Track, Student-UCC

People are rewarded for the problems they solve, not the ones they complain about. I have gained that entrepreneurial mindset from the digiCAP Program. The transferrable skills that I have acquired are a plus that I believe put me ahead of my colleagues. Each day is another chance to connect, and opportunity to explore. I believe the digiCAP program has been a springboard for me.

James Quansah Business Intelligence Track, Student-UCC

I was privileged to be part of the DigiCAP capacity-building program in which I was taken through detailed yet resourceful training on Business Intelligence (BI). I was exposed to the Microsoft Power Platform which consists of Power Apps for building Business related Application Software, Power Virtual Agent for chatbots, Power Automate for automating processes, and Power BI for data analysis and presentation. This helped me gain the necessary skills and competence to work effectively as a Junior Consultancy.

Emmanuel Kumah Business Intelligence Tack, Student-UCC

Africa is the continent of young people with average age below 20 which is a big advantage because this group is tech savvy. Whether it is ecommerce, e-learning or fintech solutions, young people are at the forefront of the digital transformation and innovation across the continent. This high interest in technology by young people and the digital transformation agenda of the Government of Ghana are attracting big international brands such as google, Twitter, IBM to setup offices in Ghana. For both foreign and local businesses to strive on the African continents, there is the need to develop the skills of young people to the level of consultants to serve the digital solutions and product management needs of these businesses...

David Gowu Executive Director, Institute of ICT Professionals Ghana

When we started the programme at the beginning of this year, l was wondering what was in store for us, in terms of content and quality of the whole process. But expectations have been met if not exceeded. I did learn a lot from the excel module--pivot table, VLOOKUP, etc. were eye openers. KNIME has been a great experience. It's a new platform that has a completely new dimension to dealing with business problems, carrying out research etc. KNIME is going to enrich my research publications with workflow snapshots as visuals together with the model output. The facilitators have been doing fantastic job, the contents have been measured and the delivery, interactive. I expect python to be more challenging but existing so l m looking forward to being part of the next module.

Richard Fosu Lecturer-ATU