I joined the DigiCAP programme to learn skills that I could apply in a business I wanted to start. I have been exposed to a lot of new concepts, processes and tools such as PowerBI, data analysis, and Microsoft Office. This has also given me a deeper sense of appreciation for a lot of the big platforms and tools that I use like Youtube for my personal cooking channel, CookingWithAba. I look forward to mentoring and consulting for small businesses in and around Ghana. Being part of this programme has been a great blessing for me.


Being a LinkedIn scout has been pretty insightful. I learnt how to facilitate both online and in-person trainings, how to prepare and even run training sessions. My communication skills has been pretty much boosted as well as several other soft skills. Thanks so much to the Digicap team for such an opportunity and impact.

Enyonam Abla Kumador Student

As student of the University of Cape Coast, partaking in the Digicap LinkedIn scout training program has been an experience of true enlightenment and excitement. Prior to my involvement in the program, I was very naive about the prospects and potentials of the LinkedIn platform. Although I had an account then, I barely knew how to navigate my way through and capitalize on the millions of opportunities the platform had to offer. Through the training however, I was enlightened to harness the potential of the platform and also organize training on my own to teach 100+ colleagues to do same. For me, it's been an incredible journey; one filled with growth, personal and professional development and most importantly the opportunity to impact the career growth of other students as well.

Kent Baidoo Student